Conference Theme & Programme

The theme of the EMAC 10th Regional Conference is "Innovations in Marketing Models and Customer Experience Management: Emerging Markets Perspectives"
The conference theme connected with the necessity of the radically transformation of marketing models and practices in the response to environment changes. The dissemination of technologies of the fifth and sixth generations, total digitalization of the consumer behavior and the growth of consumption personalization dictate the switch-over from the firm-centric to the customer –centric approach and to the customer experience management on whole customer journey. In the same time the gap between developed and emerging countries is still kept both in the technological development and in the individual consumption.
To meet these challenges and realize the innovations in marketing models and practices the companies from CEE countries need to have deep understanding the mechanisms of competitive advantages development and of success achieving in the emerging experience economy and sharing economy. It demands of the academics and practitioners collaboration for seeking the best marketing models, marketing strategies and practices, creating the innovated and more effective customer ecosystems for sustainable development of whole Europe as part of global world.

We invite marketing scholars from Europe and abroad to submit papers on marketing theory, strategic marketing, marketing models and practices, marketing research, consumer behavior, customer experience management, the marketing mix, digital marketing, brand management, B-to-B and service marketing, cross-cultural marketing and sustainable marketing as part of sustainable development.
Dates: September, 25-27th 2019 
Final Programme