Saint-Petersburg sightseeing

Hermitage (Winter Palace)

After Louvre it is the largest art museum in the world as well as one of the oldest with a collection of over 3 million pieces. That is officially the largest painting collection in the world. If you are connoisseur of modern art, visit Hermitage exhibition at General Staff building.

Peter-and-Pauls fortress

According to the legend, it is the first stone building on conquered empty and swamp lands. The strategic location fastened the position of Peter the Great army in Northern war against Swedish Crown. Later on, the unassailable fortress walls became a prison for political offenders as well as security for mint and all Romanovs dynasty graves. All of these above is possible to see within your own eyes.

Saint Isaac Cathedral

The marble masterpiece is the 2nd large cathedral in Russia and it will provide a double experience: after visiting interiors, go to colonnade of Cathedral, where the city panorama is seen from the bird-flight height.

Mariinsky theatre

Saint-Petersburg is also known as a centre of classical music art. Catch a ballet at one of the Mariinsky theatre scenes.

Outside trips:

1) Zarskoe selo

The place is also known as Summer palace will fascinate visitors with Russian Baroque, golden ball halls and world famous amber chamber.

2) Peterhof - the fountain paradise

Palace and more outstanding garden were designed to defeat Versailles in its beauty. Check yourself how did it succeed.

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